Meet Us Monday: Sarah, Peer House Leader

For today’s #MeetUsMonday, we’re introducing you to Sarah, a Peer House Leader at one of the Junior League of Richmond REAL Houses!
Sarah grew up in what she describes as a “chaotic home with not a lot of love or affection.” After her grandfather passed away when she was 5, her mother became addicted to cocaine. With no structure or supervision and experiencing violence in her home, Sarah began getting in trouble when she was in middle school. As she grew up, the trouble became more and more serious. She eventually found herself incarcerated many times, with increasingly serious charges, each time having to be away from her children for extended periods of time.
She finally reached a breaking point, tired of having to leave her children over and over again, but unable to change her life on her own. Sarah loves REAL LIFE and what it has allowed her to accomplish. She has learned to be comfortable with herself; it has given her structure in her life and taught her to stand firm in her beliefs and live with integrity. To help her stay clean, Sarah goes to meetings, meditates, and participates in community events with other people in recovery.
Thankful for how the staff at REAL LIFE pushed her out of her comfort zone, she feels it is the first time she has been surrounded by people who believe in her. She appreciates the bond she has with her fellow Lifers – or as she describes it, “a network of people doing the right thing the right way.” Sarah loves her job at Classic Party Rentals, where she works in the warehouse with her colleagues, some of whom are also Lifers!
As a Peer House Leader, Sarah enjoys getting to share the possibility of getting and staying clean with others. She likes to help others see their worth, guide them to do the right thing, and inspire them to achieve. Sarah hopes to finish her degree in Psychology so she can have a career helping other people, but most important to her, she wants to be a good mother to her four sons.
Keep up the great work, Sarah!