Meet Us Monday: Casey, Peer House Leader

Meet Casey, 42, a Peer House Leader at one of our male REAL Houses. He came to REAL LIFE in July 2022 because he was tired of living an unorganized and chaotic life caused by alcohol, drugs and incarceration. Casey is now passionate about helping other people make better choices in life.

While Casey came from a loving home, his parents were alcoholics and fought with each other. At 18, he started making bad choices, always ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time, in and out of jail and prison. This last time he knew he wanted a different life and needed help to achieve this. He came to REAL LIFE because he wanted to try something different as he had helped him to achieve his goal of leading a thriving life. When asked what made the difference for him this time, he credits the support and good advice from his Pathway Navigator, Young. Casey also says the structure and rules of the REAL LIFE program helped him get into a routine and find a sense of normalcy.

Since being at REAL LIFE, Casey thrives on the structure, loves being sober and feeling so happy. REAL LIFE provided him with everything he needed along his journey: clothes, food, a home, a job and, most importantly, emotional support. It has given him the resources to live a life without drugs. Casey has put in a lot of effort to change and as he says “get out of his own way.” Therapy has been a big help in learning how to deal with his issues.

As a Peer House Leader, Casey enjoys the opportunity to be an example to the other men in his house. He loves helping others and seeing them succeed in making a better life for themselves. He wants everyone to be as happy as he is now. One day he would like to take college courses to help him enable others to overcome their problems and live a productive life.

He has always had a good relationship with his three children, but now he is such a better father. He is proud and happy to always be there for his children. Casey is thankful to REAL LIFE for the opportunity to grow up, build a foundation and be a productive member of society. Way to go, Casey! We’re so proud of how you have transformed your life and are now helping others!