Meet Dwayne: Peer House Leader

Meet Dwayne, our newest peer house leader. Dwayne is from Petersburg, Virginia. He enjoyed his childhood, especially when playing basketball and football.
Dwayne first started drinking alcohol when he was young. His brother and his brother’s friend encouraged him to drink. He subsequently surrounded himself with older people who would drink. Ultimately, he gave in and too began drinking, but when his mother passed away, he started drinking to an excess.
In and out of trouble over the years, he knew he wanted to do something different and change his life. When nearing release from prison this time, his counselor suggested programs for him to attend. When talking about REAL LIFE, she told him it would be hard, but Dwayne enthusiastically accepted the challenge. He applied, interviewed and was accepted. When he first moved into a REAL House, he started off strong, really having a desire to do something different and having solid goals in front of him. In June, he was able to graduate from the program!
Recently, he became a peer house leader. When asked what he enjoys about REAL LIFE, he said “they help you out.” He says the program will listen to people’s stories and meet them where they are. As you progress through the program, you then help others first beginning the program.
Ultimately, Dwayne has his sights set on his CDL license so he can become a truck driver. Way to go, Dwayne!