Your Words Have Power

Recently, empowerment and relationship coach Tammie Mobley held a Zoom workshop with the women of REAL LIFE where she discussed the power that our words have. Coach Tammie explained that when were think about ourselves, we usually only think about the physical parts and not what is on the inside; oftentimes focusing on the negative instead of the positive.

Five powerful words that Coach Tammie recommended incorporating into our vocabulary are resilient, brave, assertive, competent, and passionate. Being resilient is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from a difficult condition; something that REAL LIFE continually encourages and focuses on. Being brave is showing courage. Being assertive is having or showing confidence and a forceful personality. Being competent is having the skills or knowledge to do something successfully. And being passionate is showing a strong feeling or a strong belief.

Because pouring positive words and thoughts into ourselves is not always automatic and because the words of others also have power, Coach Tammie suggested displaying positive affirmations around your home. Affirmations to consider include: “I am resilient because…”; “I am brave because…”; “I am assertive when…”; “I am competent when…”; and “I am passionate when…”.

Coach Tammie encouraged the women to use powerful words the next time they are asked to describe themselves instead of using words to describe the surface like “beautiful” or “energized” because what is on the outside will fade, but what is on the inside will remain.