The Heartbeat of REAL LIFE: Our Case Managers

As we celebrate one year of the REAL LIFE Community Center this month, one year of giving back to our community through the work the case managers do each day, we reflect on how we got here.  We made it one year and how would we have done that without our case managers – the hard working, dedicated professionals who made this all happen. There was a vision, yes, and there was a drive to make it all happen, but all of those thoughts and intentions are nothing without a staff to back them up.

Our staff are the heartbeat of our program. Without each one, we would not know success. Without their work, we would not have reached the over 400 clients we’ve reached. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to take each of the relationships we have with our clients from surface level to family.

It’s the case manager’s passion for what they do every day, and not only while in the building, but on the night and weekend, coming in, taking calls, administering drug tests, and taking care of situations at the REAL House that form those relationships. This job is not 9-5, but neither is *addiction* and neither is need. The passion and dedication is what helps these relationships form.

We wanted to take a minute and recognize the full time case managers who make this program succeed every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your drive, your sense of humor, your commitment to your community, and for just being you. (Photos below courtesy of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography)

REAL Life, Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Jessica – Case Manager

Jessica is an extremely hard worker that not only works hard for her clients, but is involved with just about everything else going on at the Center. Working at the jail for years before coming to the Center, she brings a unique understanding of her clients, making her connection deep and case management successful. Her dedication and drive to get things done is top notch.

REAL Life, Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Young – Case Manager

Young brings many years of experience to the table including private investigations, corrections, courts and even music and the insurance industry. His vast background gives him a very unique skill set, which is advantageous for those that he serves, as well as REAL LIFE as a whole.

REAL Life, Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Tauchanna – Expectant Mother Case Manager

Tauchanna puts her whole heart and soul into every person that she works with. She truly loves on everybody and prays for them like they are her own. Her passion, integrity, character and drive is so apparent in everything she does.

REAL Life, Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Ryan – Case Manager

As a person in long-term recovery, Ryan brings such a unique perspective to his clients. He garners the respect of clients and others in the building. He brings an energy that is infectious and works tirelessly to ensure his clients’s needs are met.

The Board of Directors and REAL LIFE Director and Founder thank each of you – Jessica, Young, Tauchanna, and Ryan – for making us tick – for making us who we are, and for giving so much to love others and bring them through their darkness and toward thriving.


**All photos courtesy of the amazing Amanda Hedgepeth Photography**