Stop Spending, Start Investing

We often think about wealth in terms of finances. But, I would beg to say that the most valuable asset that we all have is time, not wealth or finances. The great thing about this asset is that each and everyone of us wakes up each day with the same amount. We can’t inherit more, and will never receive less. Each day we wake up and we all have 24 hours.

Just as a financially wealthy person maintains and increases their wealth through wise investments, we should seek to do the same with our time. So, I ask you, how are you investing your time? Are you investing in a better future for yourself? Are you spending your time thinking about what could be? Or are you investing in consistent positive action in order to move towards your goal? Are you spending your day around stagnant people, engaged in fruitless conversation or do you invest your time around people whose words serve to inspire, guide and motivate you? Do you spend your day worrying about things that are out of your control, or do you invest your time focusing on what you CAN do instead of what you can’t do? Are you spending time or are you investing it? That my friends,  is the question!

The thing that separates successful from unsuccessful people is the way they make use of the precious time they have. They invest it into themselves and into others. They invest in time with positive people instead of spending time with negative ones. They invest time taking action in the present instead of spending time regretting the future, or worrying about the past. Instead of spending time making excuses they invest time finding solutions. This list could go on and on. Investment creates wealth, spending depletes wealth, period. So, stop spending and start investing because this is what I know for sure: YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Invest Wisely,

Ryan (Case Manager)