Recovery Month 2020

September is Recovery Month! This year marks the 31st anniversary of the nationally observed Recovery Month and its corresponding celebration.

REAL LIFE is dedicated to the mission of assisting those who struggle with substance use disorders and mental health issues respectively, two things that recovery month focuses on overcoming. We do this by providing the necessary services in order to help each of our Lifers live a healthy AND thriving life.

Throughout the month of September, we will be celebrating both our current and former Lifers (even more so than usual) to continue to show that recovery is possible, and that people can overcome the terrible disease of addiction. We are so proud of just how far our Lifers have come and this month gives us even more reason to share that pride with you all! Even though our Lifers have learned from us, we have learned even more from them. They teach us things daily, and many lessons are priceless. This month we will also share some of those stories and knowledge with you. It is important to engage and educate the community in this regard.

It’s a team effort, and the entire team of REAL LIFE and Lifers, are so excited to have many supporters part of the journey and that we can share great stories of recovery with! So stay tuned and check back on our website and facebook page regularly. Happy Recovery Month!