REAL LIFE is still going full force during COVID-19

As Charles Dickens’ once said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

So during this difficult time, we practice what we preach… bouncing back and growing in the process! Can’t stop us! REAL LIFE goes on!

Now more than ever, as our world takes a step back from the daily hustle and bustle, we want our Lifers to know that their mental health and recovery is still PRIORITY!

The world is forcing us to take an inconvenient break that puts a lot of our basic needs at risk that goes much further than contracting the coronavirus.

It’s a weird time of empty shelves at grocery stores and unemployment as businesses shut down. And the CDC guidelines and restrictions can feel like you’re all alone in this frenzy. The more isolated we become, the more hopeless we feel… which makes substance use or any other negative coping pattern seem like a good idea.

It’s not! We are in this together before, during, and after!

With social distancing in mind, we want to make sure our Lifers (and supporters) know that if there is a will, there’s a way! REAL LIFE has put into place several ways to be available and carry business on:

  • To schedule an intake or inquire about services à call 804-322-3311; someone doesn’t answer… you will be called back ASAP!
  • Appointment with Pathway Navigators for current Lifers à via cell or video messenger
  • Classes will continue to be held on our REAL LIFE Class Facebook page, and many more will be added in order to keep everyone engaged and busy.
  • Any other questions? Contact us however you can: message, email, or call (804-322-3311) and connect with our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

At this point, we have had success with continuing our classes on Facebook private livestream.  With many classes, we have had well over 100 comments as participants interact with instruction. Already we’ve gotten feedback from Lifers. One shared that the classes “are great and very helpful thank you for helping me stay focused on my recovery.” Another suggested to “keep it going if possible when the center opens for those who might miss a class,” which is a really good idea! Keep looking for the positive and stay healthy!