REAL LIFE is opening a Female Recovery House

REAL LIFE  is proud to announce the purchase of its soon to open female transitional recovery house. After years of discussion and nearly a year of planning, REAL LIFE is finally able to add an essential service to their array of offerings for clients.

“While this house will only be a small step to a much larger need in our City, this house will allow some of REAL LIFE’s female clients an opportunity for safe, stable, and sober housing, regardless of financial circumstances,” shared REAL LIFE Director, Dr. Sarah Scarbrough. Currently, finances prohibit recovery and transitional housing for the majority of female clients we serve. Women will be able to enter housing for free and access services regardless of ability of pay.

REAL LIFE opened a male recovery house in the spring of 2017 as a response to a dire need for men exiting incarceration, those battling substance use disorder, and working to overcome homelessness. This house has provided an incredible opportunity for these men to not only access holistic support services through the REAL LIFE Community Center, but also to have housing with strong structure and oversight. A female house has been on REAL LIFE’s radar since, but funding prohibited this step until now.

REAL LIFE supporter and investor, Alan Haverson, made this possible.   Alan shared, “Due to many years working with people affected by incarceration and addiction, I was introduced by my longtime friend, Joanne Robbins, to REAL LIFE. After learning more about REAL LIFE, attending their volunteer orientation and asking many questions, I gained a deep appreciation and admiration for the work they do. However, I realized that housing was a continued obstacle as case managers worked with clients, especially women. Through helping REAL LIFE purchase a house, their delivery of comprehensive services can be even more vast and the outcomes seen among clients will enhance as these women will now be able to gain stable and safe housing.”

We could not be more grateful of Mr. Haverson’s incredible gift to REAL LIFE and the ladies who will live in the house. This, coupled with the hard work of our realtor, Wanda Huggins with Long and Foster, has manifested into one of the largest needs being answered.

The majority of women we work with do not have stable housing; and when these women don’t know where they are going to lay their head at night, it makes it difficult to maintain a job, sobriety, and other critical components of “living life on life’s terms,” as is said in recovery. This new home will provide the opportunity needed to move to the next level. As REAL LIFE often says…to move to sustaining then to thriving.

Initially, the REAL Female House will house 3 women. Currently, we are working with the City for a special use permit for zoning. If this goes through, we will increase the number of women residing at the house and the number who will have the chance to take advantage of such an opportunity.

REAL LIFE was birthed out of programming within the Richmond Jail in 2016, due to the many obstacles faced by men and women upon release. Our mission is to assist individuals who have been impacted by incarceration or homelessness, or who are battling a substance use disorder, to overcome barriers and obstacles faced within the community that hinder their prosperity and ability to have a thriving future. Through our four-core services, (Community Center, Expectant Mother Program, Recovery Housing, and Jail Programming), we provide a catalyst for overcoming adversities, sustaining sobriety, and providing a pathway to a thriving future. This is done assisting clients to cultivate stronger families, gain meaningful employment, and improve personal interaction skills, while building a foundation of faith if desired.