REAL Houses

The worst part of my job is telling a person ready to begin their road to recovery that we simply do not have space for them. I am heartbroken that since September 1st, we have turned away over 80 potential Lifers seeking housing because we did not have any available beds in one of our 5 recovery transitional houses. The need for safe, stable, and high-quality recovery and transition housing has never been greater. Will you consider making a gift to help us to welcome those in need?

REAL Houses are the only free structured houses in Richmond. Most prospective Lifers are exiting incarceration or experiencing homelessness – bouncing from couch to couch, living in an abandoned building, or simply sleeping on the street. Finding a job or achieving other milestones necessary for a Thriving Life is nearly impossible due to having no place to leave their personal belongings, shower, eat, sleep, or even to wash clothes.

The national average is $30 a day to provide recovery housing. However, you can provide a bed for a potential Lifer in need, like Sam, for only $14 a day. We were able to open two new houses in August, bringing our total number of houses to five. You can help open our next house. A gift of $98 supports a Lifer in one of the REAL Houses for a week. $1,090 covers the cost of beds and mattresses for a new REAL House. Or $20,300 underwrites the full cost to open a REAL House.

Please consider making a gift today (click here to do so) to help REAL LIFE continue our mission of service to the community and remain a source of stability for Lifers. Your gift will help ensure the next time someone takes the brave step to ask for help, we can say welcome home.