Power…It’s all yours!

“We all get to have the life that we’re willing to work for,” B. K. Fulton shared with our Lifers through a recent Zoom class (due to Covid, the class was held over zoom).

Fulton took the time last week to chat with our Lifers about power and success, and what helped him get to where he is today.

His repertoire of projects and accomplishments is quite extensive. His latest venture is Soulidify Productions, LLC, where Fulton is the founding chair and CEO. Soulidify Productions is a full feature film, stage, and television investment and production company that pushed out FOUR full length feature films in 2018!

That’s only a part of all he does… and he’s retired but really just getting started! He has learned a lot along the way about going after dreams for success.

Fulton shared 4 P’s that we are always chasing: paper (money), possessions (cars, clothes, chains), and privates (…you know), while ultimately looking for Power.

Notice how 3 of the P’s are lowercase, but Power is uppercase. The 3 little guys, he explained, are what distract us from finding our Power! And the cool thing about getting that is that the rest of the little P’s are part of the Power package!

What does this Power look like though?

Fulton describes Power as your education, skills, talent… all the stuff that no one can take away from you. Those are your real assets that can help you find your purpose in life.

Before Fulton found his own Power, he lived the little P’s. He was flunking out of college, chasing girls, playing too much basketball, and going to class only when he remembered.

He recalled a time that he went to the library to form an escape plan from school. Instead, he ended up in the black history section reading about African Americans who were behind innovations and achieving great things. He was inspired and realized he had to learn (like reading about other successes) in order to gain that kind of Power.

From that point forward, Fulton kept the mindset illustrated from a parable: “Whatever you decide to believe is what you’re going to work towards; we all get to have the life that we’re willing to work for.”

He continued on to say, “What’s interesting about success is that the keys are almost always inside us,” which is our desire and willingness to achieve our goals. Often with things we value, we tend to hide them in a safe place and forget to look for them there. Instead, we look to others and come up with excuses.

And that’s a problem because, “either you’re working your dream, or somebody else’s.”

When asked about fighting negativity and self-sabotage, Fulton leveled up Power by saying it is “universally positive,” because “on my worst days I’m thankful that I woke up, because I woke up, I have a chance to bring order to the chaos.”

In other words, Power is positive because it is endless possibility that YOU control. It’s all yours!

Fulton had so many wise words to share. These last two bits are something everyone needs to hear exactly as he said, uncut:

“Don’t let the worst of your life define who you are. Decide what you want to be, figure out who has done that, and follow their blueprint while you figure out your own. Again, we all get the life we are willing to work for. What we see is people who have given up or don’t know how to put that blueprint into motion. The beautiful thing is a normal brain is enough, you don’t have to be a genius to get it done, you just have to be willing to do the work.”

“The most important thing you’ll hear is what you tell yourself. So tell yourself something different. Start seeking something different.”