Meet Us Monday: Peggy, REAL LIFE East

On this #MeetUsMonday, we are introducing Navigator and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, Peggy Crawford! Prior to joining REAL LIFE, Peggy became certified as a Certified Nursing Assistant; she continues to work in that role also. She is an alumna of REAL LIFE and became interested in serving as an employee after graduating REAL LIFE and volunteering for us. She now is a Recovery Support Specialist at REAL LIFE East.
When she is not spending time singing into her hairbrush, she spends her time at REAL LIFE with Lifers. She facilitates support groups online and in-person with our Lifers. Among Peggy’s many accomplishments, her biggest one to date was facilitating and coordinating her first substance use and behavior modification program that REAL LIFE led at Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail for incarcerated women.
Peggy’s words of wisdom for anyone looking to join this realm of work is, “being honest with yourself and others, have an open mind, and be willing to meet individuals where they are.” Although this role is so overwhelmingly awarding, it’s important to keep that in mind. Especially during the pandemic, Peggy says, it’s necessary to keep an open mind especially during the transition to online appointments and classes, as her preference is to be in-person.
Thank you to Peggy for being an integral part of REAL LIFE and contributing so much to the team. We are so grateful for you, Peggy! Happy #MeetUsMonday!
If you need to get in touch with Peggy, you can contact her at