Meet Us Monday: Ellwood, REAL LIFE Graduate

Meet Elwood, a proud graduate of REAL LIFE this past fall. He credits REAL LIFE with giving him the tools to live a sober and productive life. He currently works as a cook and helps his parents take care of his grandmother.

The last time he was arrested Elwood was finally willing to do whatever it took to get his life together. His lawyer recommended REAL LIFE, where Elwood found the stable environment he needed. REAL LIFE showed him the steps and tools necessary to get his life together. With the support of staff, Elwood learned how to apply for, get and keep a job. In the past Elwood did not have the skills necessary for the job application process. The REAL LIFE staff was very supportive in helping Elwood achieve a thriving life.

Elwood is very happy now, enjoys his new life and is glad to be sober. In the future he wants to work on getting his drivers license, his voting rights back and obtaining his HVAC credential. Congratulations, Elwood! We look forward to seeing what you accomplish next!