Meet Steve

Steve recently celebrated his one year release anniversary in August, and he is having the time of his life. Below is a statement from him on how he is doing one year:

“To the hour a year ago today I was released back into the wild. During that time I got a great paying and rewarding job renovating homes for future families to enjoy. I’m a couple weeks away from driving again with my own truck and I’m due to be released from probation this week. I want to thank ALL INVOLVED in my recovery and change of thought processes. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been happy and proud of myself. I wish everyone starting their journey has the same fortune I am experiencing and the same to those continuing their journey.”

After being a part of The REAL Program while incarcerated, Steve shared: “The biggest thing REAL did for me was give me affirmation and confirmation of things I already knew with the added bonus of getting additional coping skills to use with my other character defects rather than using alcohol and drugs. I knew I had a drinking problem before getting to the program and had been active in meetings before going into jail, but I wanted to get into program to understand why I drank and did what I did – wanted to understand the behaviors. Dealing with those defects has helped me deal with my drinking.”

Steve continued, “Since I’ve been out, I’ve kept on the right path. I have a great support system – I have my best friend who I have been through a lot with and my REAL Life family and alumni.”

And Steve has some advice for those who are doing their best to stay on the path of rehabilitation: “Remember the things we didn’t like on the inside and the little things we took for granted on the outside. Remember where we don’t want to be and that your character will be destroyed if you let down the people who gave you the next chance you had at life.”