Meet Liz: Workforce Month

When Elizabeth Bellamy walks into work each morning, she’s taking one step further into her future.

She makes sure everything is in order at Zaxby’s for a great shift, preps and cooks food, checks orders or manages the cash register, all to earn a paycheck that is paving her path to possibility. A path to the life she wants for herself and her son.

“Employment has made a big difference in my life,” Elizabeth says. “I have been able to provide financial support for my son. I have been able to save money, obtain a driver’s license; I have gotten a car. I discovered I actually enjoy saving money!”

She found her job with the assistance of REAL LIFE’s Quick Start to Employment Program, which supports their clients as they obtain and keep employment that provides a way to financial independence for the participant and their family.

“Having a job is very important to me,” says Elizabeth, who also serves as House Manager for one of the REAL Houses. “It gives me a sense of worth. I am not one to sit still. I love to work. My job gives me positive responsibilities and motivates me.”

No one can doubt Bellamy’s motivation. In a contest of which employee could get the most customer experience surveys out of all the Zaxby’s locations, she came in first place — and won a trophy, bonus and raise!

After about one year with Zaxby’s, she has been taking training courses through Zaxby’s University and is now a manager-in-training, planning to go as far as she can with the company. She hopes to own a store one day.

One day at a time. One step at a time. Her employment finances cherished time with her son so she can afford to visit him and take him places — “and also save money to one day have my own place and have him with me!”

Regardless of the professional title ahead for Bellamy, and whether she owns one store or more, what matters to her is how a good job supports her most important role: mom.


Photo Credit: By Jacqui Photo