Meet Kenneth…

The struggle with addiction can make a person feel hopeless. As Kenneth said: “Addiction takes away your spirit. But today, I have a good spirit, and there is hope for me. I can really see things going my way now.”

Kenneth, known by many as KayP, was born on February 15, 1967 in Charlotte, North Carolina. As an adult, he lived in Lynchburg, Virginia where he had his own apartment. Unfortunately, his drug use resulted in him losing that apartment.

Kenneth wanted to change his lifestyle, and sought help at the Salvation Army in Alexandria, Virginia. He graduated from this program in June, 2020. In October, Kenneth experienced a relapse. The relapse only lasted one night, but it was enough to make Kenneth realize he did not want to go down that path again. He called the Salvation Army again, who invited him back. It was during this time that Kenneth learned from some people there about REAL LIFE.  He called Dr. Scarbrough at REAL LIFE, who interviewed him but did not have a bed available at the time. However, on December 1, a bed became available, and Kenneth was able to start his journey here.

Immediately upon starting at the program, Kenneth knew that Dr. Scarbrough had the power to help him. He feels that everyone here has been doing amazing things for him. Right before coming to his house at REAL LIFE, Kenneth received a job at a temp agency as a forklift operator at Ukrops bakery. Kenneth is proud he was able to come into this program with employment, and he says it has made his recovery a lot easier. Additionally, Kenneth was able to earn a second job at Food Lion. Being able to work and save money is something Kenneth is grateful for, and he feels that things are really looking up for him.

At REAL LIFE, Kenneth has learned how important it is to listen to those who want to help you. He wishes that he had always done this. Kenneth had taken part in several programs during his pathway to recovery, but he admits that he did not always do what he was told. Now, he realizes that listening to people makes everything so much easier, and he sees how essential it is to stay away from people, places, and situations that are bad for him.

Since coming to REAL LIFE, Kenneth has experienced some significant changes. The biggest thing he has noticed has been the changes in his attitude. He has a more positive outlook on life now. Additionally, Kenneth has been able to improve his relationships with his kids, his kids’ mother, and his parents. These are opportunities he is grateful for. Focusing on the power of prayer has also been beneficial to Kenneth in his recovery. He says he prays all day every day now, and this has been so good for his spirit.

One of the things Kenneth loves most about the program are the Tuesday night house meetings with Dr. Scarbrough. Although the virtual format due to COVID-19 is not as great as being in person, Kenneth still finds the meetings interesting and beneficial. Aside from the house meetings, Kenneth likes the meetings focusing on relationships and fatherhood, and he uses what he learns to apply to his own relationships.

For the future, Kenneth has several goals. He hopes to save money and own an apartment again. Already, Kenneth has been working two jobs and saving. Additionally, he wants to continue improving his relationships with his family, and he enjoys watching those relationships already beginning to grow and heal again. Most importantly, Kenneth wants to continue to live a clean, sober, enjoyable life. Doing the next right thing is Kenneth’s philosophy for achieving greatness.

Kenneth has several pieces of advice he would like to share. His life has taught him that if you are patient and do the next right thing, what you once lost will come back to you. Additionally, he stresses the importance of doing the right thing when no one is looking. Having integrity and being honest with yourself is key. Finally, Kenneth believes that allowing doors to open will be worth it. He has learned to be patient, and not to kick doors in, because forcing a situation when you are not ready never works. Trusting that things will work out and allowing those doors to open will provide you with everything you need. Things will fall into place. Kenneth’s story illustrates the strength he has had during his treatment, the successes he is achieving in his work and relationships, and the importance of listening and trusting others who are here to help him at REAL LIFE.