Meet Blaine: Assistant House Leader

Meet Blaine, 63, an Assistant Peer House Leader and a graduate of REAL LIFE. The last time he was incarcerated he was ready to turn his life around. His Probation Officer recommended the REAL LIFE Program and he was accepted after being interviewed by Dr. Scarbrough.

For many years Blaine had been in and out of incarceration and living on the street. This time he was tired of the way he had been living and was ready to turn his life around. REAL LIFE gave him that opportunity.

Blaine says REAL LIFE gave him the tools for a better life and better understanding of himself. Young taught him how to pause, stop and listen to what people were telling him and how to apply it to his life. Dr. Scarbrough gave him good advice to apply to his life and helped him grow. Being an Assistant Peer House Leader gives Blaine an opportunity to help others. He is a role model for others, showing them that if he turned his life around, they can too!

Blaine is very proud of all he has accomplished since enrolling in REAL LIFE. He has a job he loves, a checking account, a savings account, a credit card and a good credit rating. He is using his credit card wisely to build up his credit, sticking to a monthly budget.

As a child, Blaine dealt with an abusive father. Because of the abuse, he was angry, paranoid and could not communicate with others. While incarcerated this last time, he felt God was telling him he could turn his life around. Blaine is thankful for God’s presence in his life; he has forgiven his father and is now close to his both of his parents as well as his son.

Blaine’s future plans are to obtain his driver’s license, an apartment on the bus line and continue to his “new life”. Blaine is very proud of all he has accomplished and wants the same for others. He hopes he can help others enjoy the life he is now enjoying.