Maintaining Healthy Relationships During this Crazy Time

Led by Tammie Mobley, of Flawless Imperfections, and her husband, REAL LIFE’s Motherhood group (via Zoom) had a phenomenal time discussing healthy relationships during this time of uncertainty.

The conversation kicked off with a few of updates about what is trending as it relates to relationships. Parents across the US are grappling and trying to find balance. AND, “coronavirus divorce rates” have skyrocketed!  Couples are not getting along well since they are cooped up together 24 hours a day. Sad and devastating.

Tammy then asked, “What does peace mean to you?” That is really something to think about.  We were then asked, “What are the character traits needed to maintain a healthy relationship?”  We were given the word “Peace” and then asked, “What does peace mean to you?”  They broke down the word peace for us:

Here are some things that can help us have Peace during this time:

-P-prayer and patience.  We are now living in the “new normal.”  It takes a lot of patience and prayer to be closed together and with each other 24 hours a day.

E-empathy.  Putting yourself in another person’s shoes.  We are all processing this whole thing differently.

A-agree to disagree and accept it.   With a lot of arguing, nobody wins the fight.  We won’t always have things my way.  Acceptance-the new normal-learn to grow in this.

C-care.  We all want to feel cared for, especially during this time even if we are by ourselves.  We need to make sure that we are helping to meet each other’ needs.  A phone call means a lot.

E-evolve and Grow.  You have to evolve and grow together and lean on each other.

So, what does PEACE mean to you?

Even though we are quarantined, we still need time for ourselves.  We can be more peaceful when we have the personal time that we need.

Suggestions to help foster relationships:

For those who are living with each other:

Family game and/or movie

-Music and dance together

-Spice up the romance

-Picnic in the house

-Let everybody choose a game

-Bake together

-Tic Toc videos of cool dances

-Create a work plan of how everyone will accomplish goals

For those who are by themselves:

Reach out to other people

-Reach out on Zoom. Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, Marco Polo


-Practice self-care

-Come out of the bedroom, take a shower and put on clothes

-Speak words of encouragement to yourself and others

-Send a letter to others who are by themselves or those you care for

-In order to maintain peace, pray and have patience.


For those in unhealthy relationships:

Also, something that we need to be aware of are those who in a domestic violent relationship.

-DV rates are going up.  Since the pandemic, people are stressed out

-For those who are unable to leave the relationship, know the triggers and keep safe

-If you are unable to get away, please call 800-799-7233 DV Hotline

-Tune in to Rejoice 103.4-Sunday at 10am, Facebook Rejoice or Tammie’s website for Recognizing, Empowering and Supporting Survivors.  Join Tammie on the third Sunday of each month at 10:00 am EST on Rejoice 101.3 fm/990 am and listen to stories from individuals and experts that went from Surviving to Thriving!

We know this is a very tough time for some of our Lifers and others in our community. Be sure that during this time, you are remaining connected and if you feel yourself struggling, reach out for help immediately!