Gala Sponsor Spotlight: The WAR Foundation

Happy Friday! It’s time for another gala sponsor spotlight! This week we introduce our friends at The WAR Foundation (Willing Addicts Recovering Foundation).

At the WAR Foundation, they have declared WAR on the disease of addiction! They fight to help those struggling with addiction by creating a safe and clean facility that is centered around recovery, unity, and love. By using various methods of intervention, like peer-to-peer recovery and 12-step meetings, they have developed an atmosphere that supports growth and understanding.

What is wonderful is that, not only does WAR and REAL LIFE mission statements coincide, but our passion is equally shared… and in that we are able to partner up and have a greater effect throughout our community! With support from the WAR Foundation, we are able to continue changing lives!

Thank you to WAR, and their founders Kate and Anthony, for all you all do and your partnership and support!