Gala Sponsor Spotlight: MB2 Solutions

Today’s Gala sponsor spotlight this is MBSolutions, initiated by co-founders Melody Barnes and Marland Buckner.
Located in both Richmond and D.C., MBSolutions is a community wealth building strategy and impact development firm that focuses on human capital development, food and agriculture, and the innovation ecosystem. Within these core competencies, their experience and skill range from public to private, including everything in between! They provide innovative and strategic counsel towards implementing resources that benefit everyone! In other words, they focus on policy, people, and impact to improve the overall quality of life in the community.
As much as they work to unify the community, MBSolutions recognizes that “REAL LIFE’s proven model shows us all how, working together, we can help create a thriving Richmond for everyone.”
We thank MBSolutions, Melody, and Marland for their support and partnership!!