Gala Sponsor Friday: Virginia Family and Fatherhood Initiative

Today, we are spotlighting our long-time supporter and sponsor, Stronger Parents, Brighter Futures Program of the Virginia Family and Fatherhood Initiative.
Their overall mission focuses on collaborating and expanding their initiative across Virginia to establish a “framework to educate, empower, and economically stabilize parents and their families.” The program narrows the focus to improve outcomes of pregnant or parenting teens and young adults with the hopes of encouraging whole-family thriving.
The Stronger Parents, Brighter Futures Program and Virginia’s Family and Fatherhood Initiative’s primary goal is to improve the family dynamic and function. They recognize that REAL LIFE also provides a path towards recovery and parenthood! They are so kind to say: “This mission aligns fully with the heart of ours—meet people where they are, serve and share with them in honor and dignity, and watch them flourish.”
Anthony Mingo, the Program Director of Stronger Parents, Brighter Futures and Virginia Family and Fatherhood Initiative, has been a long-time supporter since working with Dr. Sarah Scarbrough, REAL LIFE’s Founder and Director, and former Sheriff C.T. Woody at the Richmond City Justice Center. Mingo supports REAL LIFE because it is “an amazing program staffed by amazingly talented people who choose to serve God’s chosen amazingly gifted and blessed individuals!”
We truly value and cherish not only your support, but all that you bring to the community as well.
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