Gala Sponsor Friday: Capital Ale House

Happy Friday! Today’s spotlight is for our friends down the street at Capital Ale House! They are so much more than an ale house… whether it be quality dining, supporting local business, or participating in community outreach, Capital Ale House brings the very best of Virginia all together!

As part of the community for seventeen years, Capital Ale House is locally owned and operated with a focus on supporting Virginia craft beer, businesses, and agriculture. With over 450 beers on tap across six Virginia locations, 60% of what they pour are Virginia brewed and they only serve pasture-raised Virginia beef. Through two initiatives, Project VA and Beer Corp, Capital Ale House has donated thousands of dollars and accrued hundreds of volunteer hours, while serving our local non-profit organizations. They are dedicated to making our community a better place to work and live.

Capital Ale House believes in REAL LIFE’s mission, understanding and sharing similar values placed on individuals who face some of life’s hardest challenges. In gathering the best of VA, we look to improve the quality of life for all. Matthew Simmons, President and CEO, says, “Capital Ale House strives to be a high-quality restaurant that makes an impact on our community through outreach and our business practices. We are Virginia’s Ale House.”

REAL LIFE truly appreciates our sponsorship with Capital Ale House… thank you so much for your outreach efforts and business model!