Allowing Yourself to Feel your Feelings

Yesterday, was a wonderful meeting that reminded us of the importance of our feelings.  Although feelings don’t always feel good, feelings are good and they are necessary.

Lead by one of our graduates, she started off by giving us insight into her life and how she was afraid of being close to anyone.  She encouraged us in that being close to someone does not mean that we have to lose ourselves.  She also mentioned how talking to a counselor really helped her even though in the beginning, she stated that she didn’t really think that it was going to help at all.

She let us know that it is okay to open up when we are around positive people.

Another graduate who co-led the group admitted that opening up can be hard and scary but we can try opening up our heart a little.  They also spoke on that note about using discernment.  We can use discern when something isn’t right with a person and if we sense something is not right, we need to go the other way.

The co-leader also admitted that she had been in unhealthy relationships before and that she dealt with abandonment issues.  But while working through recovery, she has learned to love herself and to be able to stay with herself.

We go through a lot of emotions and feelings and we have to allow ourselves to feel those emotions.  The leader spoke on building a network and the key is quality not quantity.  She used the analogy that 4 quarters is better than a 100 pennies.

They stated that recovery is uncomfortable but when you are uncomfortable, it means you are growing.

Recovery may be uncomfortable but it is so WORTH IT!

Don’t you agree?