Afternoon News with Lindsey…. plus some Myth Busters!

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REAL LIFE’s afternoon class was focused on staying informed through credible sources and busting the myths around COVID-19! As the class began, Lindsey said what we are all thinking; keeping up with the news is stressful right now, and it can be tough to know whether or not your source is credible. Rather than getting your information from Facebook, she suggested visiting the Center for Disease control’s website,, because they provide unbiased and educational information. Another source to look at is Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the country’s leading immunologists. He advises the White House during health crises and offers competent, impartial information for the American public.

Finding a credible news source is half the battle, since there are several myths floating around about how to avoid getting sick, or killing the virus if you have it. Luckily, Lindsey had answers for that too!

  • DO NOT try heat or steam treatments to get rid of COVID-19, you are more likely to burn yourself than the virus. There is NO evidence that heat skills this virus. 
  • Younger people are just as at risk as older people to be infected
    • In fact, younger people pose more of a risk because they can carry the virus without symptoms, spreading it faster
  • If you smoke cigarettes you are vulnerable to contracting the virus, as smoking is considered a preexisting condition that suppresses the immune system
  • It is unclear if COVID-19 will die in the summer like other viruses – warmer weather does not mean being less health conscious!
  • Alcohol and chlorine is for cleaning surfaces, not yourself! Dousing yourself in these chemicals will not kill the virus if you already have it.

As we all know by now, the best way to stay safe and healthy is to wash your hands and to practice social distancing. If you have symptoms, call your doctor to be sure and they should refer you to a hospital for testing. If you do NOT have symptoms DO NOT get a test just because you are curious to see if you are infected. While individuals are encouraged to follow public health practices, Governor Northam has also implemented several precautions beginning today, that will ensure statewide social distancing. Some of the executive orders listed below were discussed during the class, and the rest can be found here at the VA Commonwealth’s website

  • VA schools K-12 closed for the rest of the school year
  • Restaurants or dining establishments are now carry out or delivery ONLY
  • Residents should go out for groceries/essential items only, no shopping for fun
  • Gatherings of more than 10 people are banned

This is a scary and stressful time but if we all continue to do our part it will be over in months, not years.

Keep in mind these final words from Lindsay as she wrapped up the class “Find trustworthy sources, don’t trust Facebook, and visit the CDC website.”