Affordable housing and violence in the City

Last night, we joined RISC and over 2,000 people who are passionate about affordable housing and violence in our City. RISC has made these two critical items a priority, and we, along with many others, have joined RISC to support these efforts.
REAL LIFE in particular struggles when trying to find “affordable housing” in our city for Lifers who have completed our program and are ready to find their own place to live. Actual affordable housing for people who make between $13 and $17 is nearly impossible to find! The City needs more money to go into the affordable housing fund, while ensuring it goes to people at the lower end of the socio economic ladder (30% AMI). The Mayor’s budget has only $2.9 million in it. We need what the research says, $10 million.
Our Lifers joined the Rally last night with their signs, urging the Mayor and City Council to add these monies!!!! We feel as if being a part of policy is critical! Last night, was an example of our how engage our Lifers in policy.
A huge thank you to Council Members Stephanie Lynch and Mike Jones for committing to support this.
Also discussed was violence. There is much that needs to be done here. We are hopeful that the amazing program that VA and RISC has proposed is implemented in Richmond. This includes a huge effort from the community, police department, churches, and others. We are hopeful this nationwide, evidence based program will be brought to Richmond – it has large proven results elsewhere, and we need it here!