Quick Start to Employment

For many of our Lifers, a job is more than just a job. It provides a sense of purpose, stability and community connection. It is an essential step for recovery. 

We help Lifers obtain gainful employment through our Quick Start to Employment Program. This year alone, REAL LIFE has assisted 90 Lifers through the Quick Start to Employment Program. Of those assisted, 74 were eligible for employment and 71 successfully gained employment.

The pandemic has caused an unprecedented economic loss, as well as a significant increase in drug use and overdoses. Americans everywhere are suffering, particularly vulnerable populations such as those with prior felony convictions or those struggling with substance use disorder. COVID-19 has made our work more difficult, but it has not slowed us down: 83% of our Lifers have gained employment during the pandemic.

Through the Quick Start to Employment program, we offer job skills classes in a variety of subjects, including our Quick Start to Construction course and our guide to starting your own business. We also offer resume building and job interview techniques. We work with local businesses looking to gain an eager workforce. We combine job training with intensive case management, and ensure that once they obtain a job, they are able to maintain it.

Our Lifers have gained employment across numerous industries, including landscaping, construction, housekeeping, customer service and food service. Clients use their salaries to support their families, pay court fines, buy a vehicle or rent an apartment.

Please consider making a gift today to help us continue our mission of service to the community and remain a source of stability for Lifers.